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Bank fees suck, let's be honest. I for one have had owed hundreds in overdraft fees because of a subscription that simply refused to disconnect from my bank. Lesson learned an subscriptions aside, I had decided to hunt for a bank that wouldn't punish me for being broke. I needed something that didn't have any fees, obviously no overdraft fees, and a pretty good APR for my money to stew on.

I was wary of online banks and worried over the legitimacy of that structure of a financial institution. After all, the online landscape is volatile and subject to hackers and scammers. A bank that was environmentally conscious wasn't even in the scope of possibilities... or so I thought. Aspiration deemed itself as a "Green Financial Service" and I was skeptical. 

Upon scrolling through their site I soon realized that they weren't foolin'. Everything about this company screamed that they care. There are no hidden fees, which translates into you pay them what seems fair for their work, which can even mean nothing if you so choose. You will receive an "impact score" on your purchases so that it is apparent how your spending habits affect our environment. You have the option to "Plant your Change" which leaves little room for confusion, not to mention that you can offset your fuel purchases automatically!

And if that weren't enough, they have Green Investing, IRA, and even insurance. Everything about this company is transparent and it is their goal to keep your money out of the hands of fossil fuel companies funding the destruction of our precious Earth. 

"Big Banks and Wall Street work their hardest for the wealthiest few. At Aspiration, we work to bring the best financial solutions to everyone." - Aspiration

 Outside of all the obvious reasons why I love this company, they have all the fixens of a normal bank. Their app allows you to deposit your check via photo, transfer money between accounts, direct deposit, find an ATM, deposit money to your investment account, and control your Aspiration Plus settings. I have had absolutely no problems banking with Aspiration, though I have no doubt they'd they'd solve any problem I could have in a heartbeat. But don't just take my word for it, check out their site and see what Aspiration can do yourself at:

*This is not a sponsored endorsement, it is the personal opinion and experience of Envi's founder.*

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