Coming Soon! Vanilla Heart Lotion Bars!

Posted by Marissa Green on

To couple with our new Vanilla Castile Soap, we also ventured to make a lotion to apply after! Maintaining an adorable heart shape with a creamy vanilla scent and accents of prink rose petals on a pearly base, these lotion bars would be a treat for your loved ones. 

Lotion bars keep it together at room temperature but melt on contact with skin, making it easy to apply. They are great for softening dry skin and a little goes a long way! Lotion bars are easy to store and make a great gift for loved ones.

- These lotion bars will be hardened and ready for shipment in approximately one week from today, about the time when our Vanilla Castile Soaps will be cured. -

*Preorders can be made but only if they exclude other products so as to cover shipping costs. If you would like additional products to be shipped along with this, feel free to contact us or make a "comment" at checkout.*

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