New Product! California White Sage & Palo Santo!

Posted by Marissa Green on

We are now offering California White Sage and Palo Santo, which may be found in the Aromatics Collection. 

Our Palo Santo is supplied from Nomads and Settlers of whom goes to great lengths to sustainably harvest their products from organic farms and not from habitats where Palo Santo is naturally occurring and endangered. Palo Santo is a wild tree native to Peru and Venezuela. While Palo Santo itself is considered to be the "least of concern" as far as its' endangerment is of concern, the tree species' habitat, tropical dry forests, have been decimated due to deforestation and agriculture. If improperly harvested, Palo Santo from specific regional groups could be potentially erased. Which is why we are supporting other small business' like Nomads and Settlers who go the extra length to ensure that their products aren't sourced from those regions that are becoming scarce.

Our California White Sage is supplied by Sea Gypsy California, a women owned business based in the USA that makes all of their eco-friendly products by hand. White sage is an evergreen shrub native to the Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico. This plant is incorporated in Native American religions and is popular in cleansing and healing rituals.

We love these smudging and incense products in our own home and know you'll love to incorporate these in your home and spiritual cleansing routine as well. Happy smudging!

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