Social Media Downsize: Back to Basics

Posted by Marissa Green on

Social media can be all-encompassing and even detrimental if we are unable to separate ourselves from it. After much deliberation, we have decided to downsize our social media outlets to just Facebook as that is where we have the most success in reaching out to our customers. 

As those of you may have noticed, we have already cut out Twitter as well as Tumblr. This will allow us to focus on what matters, you! We want to form real relationships with real people. We feel that this will give us the opportunity to further invest in our efforts to provide the best sustainable products as well as research environmental policy and programs, providing you with pertinent information that you can put to use. 

  Our FB, Website, and Email will continue to remain the best sources to keep up to date on new products, services, and form of contact!

UPDATE: 05/10/21

Hello all! We have given the idea some thought and have decided to delete the final piece of our presence on social media. That's right! We are doing the unimaginable act of deleting our Facebook Account. Facebook, while providing a lot of opportunity for speed, ease of access, and direct community building, our Website will always remain the heart of our online presence. After all, we are doing this to help the environment, not to be popular, fashionable, or otherwise. We are currently working with ideas for a direct membership community within the Envi website, but until then, subscribe to our email Newsletter for all updates pertaining to Envi and environmental news. Our final day on social media will be 05/17/21!


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