The Story of Us


I have always felt a deep connection to nature. As a child, at any given moment you could find me sitting in a tree reading a book or playing out in the rain. The refreshing Washington rain always provided great solace through my adolescent years. 

After moving to Wyoming and attending Highschool, I began a journey of self-care and acceptance. Topics the likes of vegan nutrition, yoga, meditation, and even "free the nipple" peaked my interest. During my senior year, after discovering a love of science from attending biology and chemistry classes, I ventured into environmental science taught by Mr. Weaver. That Environmental Class reawakened my love for the natural world, and the injustices we commit everyday for the sake of convenience.

Soon it became obvious how we humans abuse nature and harm ourselves in the process. Shelves in grocery stores stuffed with unnecessary plastic packaging (like oranges boxed in plastic) that would later engorge landfills, products preserved and colored with toxic chemicals, and money best spent within local economies flooding into big name-brand corporations, leaving small businesses forced to shutdown.

I wanted to create something a little different. Envi was founded on the principle that what we put on our skin should be natural, free of unnecessary toxins, colorants, and preservatives; using as little packaging as possible, all while remaining waste-free, affordable, and readily available. 

As it stands Today, Envi contributes profits to various eco-organizations, participates in rallies for both humanitarian and environmental efforts, participates in local markets, and spreads word of a greener lifestyle to inspire others. This is a group effort and I am proud to be a part of such a noble cause. I invite you to join the community and partake on your own journey to self-discovery.

~ Marissa, Founder