Annual Donations

Envi was founded on sustainability and philanthropy. We pledge to donate 10% or more of sales made annually to a nonprofit organization that represents our ethics to ensure a better future.

*Suggestions may be made via our email at*

Initial Founding Year of 2019

Donation Amount: $45  (donation was made on 7/31/20 - 10% of 2019 sales plus some)

Our founding year was quite a learning experience and so the bulk of our sales came from the local Food for Thought Summer Market. Accounting for the year of 2019, we made this donation to the World Wildlife Fund. They have an array of programs that anyone can participate in, from basic philanthropy, organizing fundraisers, volunteer on trips, as well as learning resources to help make your life a little bit greener. We are proud to have been able to make a donation to this organization and are looking forward to donating a portion of our profits to another like-minded non-profit. 

Year of 2020

We are contemplating which nonprofit to donate to for our opening year of 2020. A graph and post will be made to represent the amount donated as well as to who once we have decided. Please follow for further updates or send suggestions our way as to whom you think deserves the love. 🤗