Envi Recycling Effort

Don't want to throw away your Envi glass packaging but don't want to make the drive to your local recycling center? We have a solution, return it to us! With purchases that use glass in some form to hold our products, we will automatically ship a return sticker with your package so that all you have to do is place the remaining glass back in the box, slap the sticker on and ship!

The deets:

Envi, LLC. asks that purchases that have a return shipping label included (upon receiving your order) be returned for sanitization and reuse. The following products may include a return label with you order: candles, lip scrubs, bath salt soaks, bubble bath, and bath oils that use glass containers for packaging and transport. The glass must be empty, not broken or scratched, and the product used, in order to be accepted. You may return the item at any point after fully used (being that the order is not a defective item). You will not receive a monetary reward for returning such items to be recycled by Envi for further use. However, you will receive a 5% OFF coupon via email. Thank you for recycling if you participated in the Envi Recycling Effort.