Our Promise

* Our products are never tested on animals

* Everything is handmade

* All of our products are packaged in materials that are recycled and can be composted or reused

* The ingredients used to make our products originate from organic agriculture

* Nothing but love for our fellow man and the world. We participate in grassroots movements, participate in local markets, and donate a 10% of profits every Year to various environmental groups

Supported Causes

WWF works to preserve the environment and reduce humanitarian impact on wildlife. Their efforts ensure that mankind can live in harmony with nature through ending poaching, help building sustainable societies, and more! For more information on this wonderful cause, go to: https://www.worldwildlife.org/about

Eden Reforestation Projects works to end deforestation by hiring local villagers to plant trees. Every donation is a tree planted. Eden Reforestation not only helps restore animal habitats but also aids in ending poverty in underdeveloped countries. For more information on this wonderful cause, go to: https://edenprojects.org/the-problem-and-the-solution/

Supported Grassroots Movements, businesses, & Charities

Our founder currently supports the following movements:
* 350.org
* Sierra Club
* Our Revolution
* Eden Reforestation
* PRJKT Ruby
* wearLIVELY
* Sandcloud
* Creation For A Cause