Women & Self-Esteem: Understanding and Improving the Way We Think and Feel about Ourselves By: Linda Tschirhart Sanford & Mary Ellen Donovan

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"Many women feel the distressing effects of low self-esteem. They worry that they are inadequate or worthless; feel insecure about their looks and dissatisfied about their bodies; doubt that they are lovable; secretly believe that they don't deserve success and happiness; harbor fears that they are not bright enough, not talented enough, just not good enough.
This compassionate, ground-breaking book examines how women's harmful attitudes about themselves are shaped. It offers concrete help - sometimes in the form of step-by-step exercises - to resolve the dilemma women face by building higher self-esteem. For every women who has ever wanted to like herself more, Women and Self-Esteem is a truly invaluable and effective guide."
About the Author
Linda Tschirhart Sanford is a licensed psychotherapist and the coordinator of a sex abuse treatment center in Massachusetts; she also provides consultation and training for mental health professionals.
Mary Ellen Donovan is a 1976 graduate of Dartmouth College, where she was among the first women students. She has held a variety of jobs, including newspaper reporter, waitress, teacher, and freelance writer and editor. While working on this book, she joined Linda Sanford in conducting Self-Esteem Enhancement Groups for Women.
Publisher: Penguin Books
1. Women's Studies
2. Psychology
3. Self Help
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